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Not gonna lie, Joey got me addicted to The Veronicas recently and for some reason I couldn’t help but think about Shoey when I heard this song! I just love their friendship and chemistry so I thought they deserved a fun ship video! I was supposed to post it last week, but I’m glad it got postponed cause I could end it with short haired Shane - it was meant to be! ;)  Hope ya’ll like it!

Ps:This video is not supposed to be taken seriously, I know Shoey is not real, just enjoy it if you want!


Youtube Positivity

Day 7: Favorite/Most meaningful to you video-


1-800-273-TALK (8255)

"If you’re feeling these things, these terrible things, and I totally understand if you are… PLEASE, find something that makes you happy. Find a creative outlet… you need to put that energy into something else. Don’t kill yourself, fuck that shit, because we need you, we need to see what you’re going to do next.. and it fucking better not be killing yourself.”

Some people are meant to be together. You know the type: determined to stick it out, despite the irritations. Whatever it takes, nothing’s gonna stop them from staying close, like it was always meant to be.

When they’re apart, life can feel like Hell. But that’s the thing with these people: they know what they’re going back to, and they know that’s closer to Heaven.

In the next life, Steven. (via empathist)
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